Blessed Yule!

Yule(Image credit

As a Pagan, this is my Holy Day.  It is the shortest day of the year, the longest night as well.  Yesterday, today, and tomorrow the sun will seem to have been hovering in the same low spot in the sky; after tomorrow it will be incrementally climbing higher in the sky, bringing more light and eventually warmth with its rays.

Holly still reigns supreme but today he will lose his battle with Oak.  The deciduous trees will leaf again, roots will seek ever more deeply and widely in their quest for nourishment.  Holly will be there, green as ever, waiting his turn once again to be the ruler.  The epic battle for supremacy will once again play out soon, all to soon, at the Summer Solstice.  And yet, as the earth needs time to rest and recuperate, so do we, those who grow our own food.  The rush of summer, endlessly preparing for winter, is exhausting.  When Holly wins the battle once again, we know we too have a rest in sight.  Time to enjoy our labors, the fruits of the Mother, will soon come.  All seasons are blessed, even when death is in the cards, for death too is sacred and a part of the endless dance of the seasons.

The promise of a new spring, a new summer lays in these three days of breathless waiting….waiting for the return of life to the Mother. May you have a blessed Yule!