Washington State may be the first state to outlaw helping the NSA 

Washington State may be the first state to outlaw helping the NSA

This.  Is.  Brilliant. 

It gives me hope that my former home state, Indiana, is also considering legislation against helping the NSA or allowing anything they collect without a warrant to be admissible in court.  And a senator in AZ is also in the process of drafting similar legislation.  I think a great many states will craft legislation along these lines, and that is a good thing.

I would guess the feds will try to withhold federal dollars in retaliation, much the same as the federal speed limit laws – if a state passed a speed limit that was higher than the one the feds had deemed proper, the state forfeited federal dollars.  I think this may come to a showdown that the feds may not like — after all, the feds collect their dollars from the state coffers to begin with.  If the states simply begin refusing to send those dollars along to the feds it could get very interesting very quickly…

The Chinese supposedly have a curse that says “May you live in interesting times”.  I think it’s going to get very interesting in the near future.