Wake up conservative Americans, the TPP is the enemy not the UN agenda 21 right now!!!

I tried to reblog this from Damn the Matrix but it wouldn’t keep the formatting correctly, I’m making sure I give credit for it.

“To put it bluntly, The Trans Pacific Partnership would sacrifice national sovereignty, public health, and internet freedom, all in the name of helping private corporations keep their CEO’s wallets fat and their shareholders happy.”

Obama is PUSHING THIS to be done as soon as possible; he wanted it signed by the end of December but it’s likely it will be put off until the first part of January.  WRITE YOUR CONGRESS PEOPLE AND SENATORS  PROTESTING THIS ABORTION OF A ‘TREATY’ THAT PUTS AMERICAN JOBS, FREEDOMS, AND NATIONAL SOVERIGNITY AT RISK!!!  Don’t let Obama ‘fast track’ this through which means that our elected representatives have to sign it AS IS or reject it – and they’ve NEVER rejected a treaty that’s been fast tracked, EVER.

Wake up, people.  Putting corporations before people is making the big leap with this treaty.  No more government regulation of corporations, no more environmental protections, no more public utilities, no more public health protection, no more rights as we know them.