I worked on the second part of my post about Libertarian/conservative/Republican ideas and how history shaped the laws they hate, but I found myself going off on tangents.  I don’t know that I am fond of tangents, but I don’t think linearly and ending up on a tangent is more often than not where I’ll find myself when doing any sort of research.

I like history:  reading about it, watching documentaries on it, reading actual historical documentation whenever I can get my hands on it.  It doesn’t matter if it’s medieval history, pre-history, Renaissance, I get insights from it all.  I also enjoy participating in demonstrations of skills no longer common, and in experimental archeology types of activities.  It gives a very different perspective on the people and the societies of the past when you actually learn to DO what they did every day, in the way they did it.

That in itself was a tangent to the purpose of this post — to explain that I have opened the extra-large can o’ worms in trying to talk more on why some of those platforms are ultimately self defeating. And, out of touch with the historical basis for many of the very government agencies and rules they hate so much.  So it’s going to be a while longer while I

  1. finish my holiday knitting — there’s a LOT
  2. get the shopping done for those who don’t merit a (hand knitted) gift
  3. work on getting a preceptor for my next class
  4. go back to school
  5. separate my tangents into sections and flesh out each one

Please be patient, they are coming….