There are no scholarships for middle aged white women.

I would much rather fund my schooling with scholarships than with student loans.  I have won a grand total of 3 scholarships in my school career.  Why only 3?  Easy.  There are almost no scholarships for white women.  If I was a woman of color, there are hundreds.  If I were Hispanic, ditto.  If I were Native American, there are many many scholarships available.  But for me, a married white woman (regardless of income level) who is not a former drug user, an abused spouse, or a single parent, there are none.  Or so few as to be none; when there are only two or three nationwide that women like me can compete for, it means there are thousands competing for those two or three.  And while I’m pretty smart (or a smartass, not sure which sometimes), I will never be able to compete on that level.

It’s very frustrating.  I have wasted more time searching for scholarships than I care to admit.  And I have applied for scholarships that I knew I had no chance of winning (If your school were overrun by zombies, where would you hide, what would you take and why? as an example).

Maybe I should start a Kickstarter funding drive for my education.  For every $50 donation I will offer a free complete physical in your home (within driving distance of course), once I complete school and get my license.  If you’re out of driving range, you would get the satisfaction of knowing you’re funding a medical professional who plans to work in a critically under-served area, because it’s where I live.  You could of course choose to donate much less.  Even if it failed, it would certainly be no more discouraging than searching for scholarships for which I qualify…

ETA:  apparently I can’t do a kickstarter campaign either.  Funding a scholarship, which is what I essentially was thinking, is specifically forbidden.

ETA #2:  But I can make a GoFundMe page!  I had to rejoin FB though.  Ugh.