Welfare and Regulation: The Scam That Protects the Rich (Commentary by me)

And I say (because mr. libertarian hippie wouldn’t approve my comment, of course, because it doesn’t square with his views):

Wow, you are so off base with licensure it’s crazy. First of all, while the state may regulate the license, they are not the ones setting up the criteria; the societies of professionals in that field set the standards and determine the requirements for licensure. For instance, I’m a nurse. My license was granted by the state after I took a test written by and administered by the National Council for License Exams, which is a national council of the State boards of nursing, which is a sister group to the National League of Nursing, a group that has been around since before states even granted licenses to nurses.

Do you really want a lawyer who may or may not actually know what he/she is supposed to know, as determined by the National Bar Association, handling any legal case you may have?

Do you really want a doctor, who may or may not actually know whatever it is he says he does about your complicated disease process taking care of you and ordering treatments?

Do you want a nurse who may or may not know how to do actual drug calculations or anything about the drug he/she is administering to you under doctor’s orders to do that?

There’s a reason those licenses exist and yes, it does inhibit competition but it also protects the average person from harm or damage caused by a quack or fraud. A cursory look at the history of these professions will convince you of the reasons for the ‘protection racket’

In closing, I do think that eventually we will by default have to go back to apprenticeship as a teaching/certification method.  But there again, people who are recognized experts are setting the standards and writing the tests/determining the skills apprentices must have in order to acquire their credentials.  There’s no free for all, not in the past, not now, and not in the future.  Standards are there for a reason, and enforced for a reason and it’s not *just* to protect the flows of money; it’s also to protect the standards and reputation of the profession so that people can trust those who  purport to be experts.  Trust is the main reason for standards, not money.

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Written by Jacob Hornberger…

In yesterday’s blog post, “Are the Minimum Wage and the Drug War Racist?” I pointed out how the federal government wages war against black teenagers with its minimum-wage laws and its drug laws.

English: Cover of the 2009 print of Man vs the...

Actually, the problem is much worse than that. The entire panoply of programs in the welfare state and regulated economy are an attack against the poor in general, including blacks who lack money and a formal education.

Consider, for example, licensing laws, a subject I have written previously about. Licensing is nothing more than a protection racket, one that protects those who have received occupational licenses from free and open competition.

And guess who gets the licenses. You got it: those with money — those who are able to pay the enormous costs of the educational programs that the state requires to get a license. How many poor people, especially…

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