Humanitarian crisis? How about child abuse on an international scale?

The above link is to the definitions section of 8 CFR, which has to do with immigration law (in part).

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Apparently they are merely “arriving aliens” now.  Seriously?  They are STILL illegally here, and they are STILL aliens.  Therefore, they are STILL illegal aliens. However our BS government wants to rename them.

Jan Brewer took a lot of flak for SB 1070.  Interestingly which was last updated May 11, 2014, states that the major provisions of the law were upheld by the US Supreme Court.  Which I knew would be;  I also commented on the revised version of the law which changed the part I thought would be the problem part:

Apparently, though, it was necessary for the feds to punish Arizona, to rub the governor’s nose in her brashness in signing it into law, to punish its citizens by pushing our foster care, medical, and social services sectors to the breaking point:  Feds Dump Illegal Aliens in Arizona, along with other states as far away as Connecticut!  How has Connecticut offended Mr. Holder and the ICE officials?

Paul Gosar is doing his job as our representative and has sent a letter to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (poorly named in my opinion, our government is beyond reform and now classes as failed) demands answers, accuses the feds of human trafficking.  He certainly has a point.  How else would one describe the transportation of illegal “arriving” aliens to other parts of the country and unceremoniously dumping them off in a public area?  At the very least it is child abuse on the part of those parents, not to mention EVERY SINGLE BORDER PATROL AND ICE AGENT INVOLVED.

Russell Pearce, while being a racist ass, still did a commendable job in creating SB 1070.  There was a real crisis in our state due to the numbers of illegal aliens milking the welfare, medical, and employment sectors of our economy.  Yes, they have taxes taken out of checks based on phantom social security numbers and forged documents – but those taxes are in the main federal and we never see them.  The pittance that gets taken out for Arizona taxes does not nearly make up for the amount of money those same illegal aliens consume in the form of school district needs, police needs, medical staffing needs, social service needs.  Not to mention the fact that a tax paying citizen might be collecting unemployment because an illegal alien is willing to work for much less and won’t complain about labor law violations.  Or the fact that many illegal aliens work for cash under the table, and aren’t paying taxes on their income at all.  Russell Pearce quotes the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association’s statement on the impact of SB 1070 in reducing crime.  In addition, in one of his blog postings he totals the yearly cost of illegal aliens to Arizona alone.  $2.6 BILLION DOLLARS.  That, my friends, is quite a chunk of change.  He also tallys, in another blog post, the reduction in crime rates in Arizona.

Phoenix has a 30 year low in crime, they credit SB1070
Mesa, also has a huge reduction in crime
Arizona’s crime rate is 3X’s lower than the national average
Arizona’s prison population is declining for the first time in many years

Arizona’s K-12 population has dropped 7% meaning hundreds of million in less tax dollar
Arizona was 49th in the nation during this deep recession, now in the top 6 in Economic recovery and job growth
Arizona is ranked one of the top states in the protection of the unborn
Arizona is #1 in school choice, giving parents the tools to choose what is best for their children
Arizona is #1 in 2nd Amendment Freedom
The elimination of Affirmitive Action in Arizona

“We, as elected officials, must have the courage and the fortitude to enforce, with compassion but without apology, those laws that protect the integrity of our borders and our rights of our lawful citizens.” Senator Russell Pearce”

OK, there are some things on that list I am less than supportive of, but lowered crime, lower prison population, lowered unemployment of legal citizens, and lower outlays for social/welfare services is a good thing.

Yet Obama is using our tax dollars at the federal level to hire lawyers to defend illegal immigrant youths against our own government policies regarding immigration.  What the hell????  How amazingly schizophrenic can our government become in its policies??  See — failed governement.  FAILED NATION.  We have achieved that status when laws are completely ignored by those in charge of enforcing them because they have a vested interest in NON enforcement.

When are the states going to band together and refuse to send the feds their cut of the tax revenue from the states until the feds start enforcing their own laws?  I would think the states could better use that money to defend their economies and citizens from the negative impacts of the federal policies.  How long does the federal government think it will last if they aren’t getting a good revenue stream from the states…?