I was a mean mom too.


I have been a dedicated follower of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka The Yarn Harlot, for many years now, probably since about 6 months after she started her blog.  She is a brilliant writer and her love of knitting has inspired at least a few of my projects in one form or another.  We also share a lot of basic values – home, family, responsible consumption of those things necessary for life.  This post is pretty much how I raised my kids.  I sent it to my middle son, and I will probably print it out and send it to my oldest as well.

I always joked that children are born as wild animals and it’s my job to civilize them before they are released into the wild of the world.  I was a truly mean mom; when my children screamed at me that they hated me I simply replied “That’s OK, nowhere does it say you have to love me, only that you have to obey me.”  Now that’s authoritarian rather than authoritative, but it got my point across.  We had rules, but they were for reasons that were open to discussion.  Sometimes they got changed, sometimes they were not.  If the kids could give me a logical reason for changing them, it might happen.  Sometimes I would have to tell them that, while I agreed with their logic, it simply couldn’t be allowed based on societal norms.  Which sucked for them and for me as well.  I mean, I’m fine with a 10 inch blue mohawk, but you are going to be treated like a juvenile delinquent by the rest of society so expect that.  Plus, it’s getting shaved off because you didn’t keep a B average anyway, that was the deal.

This post is masterful and I just wanted to share the Yarn Harlot’s wisdom.  Enjoy!

Happy Holiday, whichever you celebrate!

The knitting is not finished, but there’s nothing more I can do at this hour; each person has a gift.  The presents are not all mailed, but I can’t do anything about it until Monday; I forgot a critical item when we went to the post office in town.  The presents here are not all wrapped, but we will finish that shortly.  The cookies, pies, breads, and cakes are not all baked, but I will get up early tomorrow and do what I can.  And yet, in spite of all this, I do not feel stressed.  Nor guilty, nor sad.  I truly gave up on making everything perfect and settled for the good this year.  Plus, we will have our family over for Christmas – and both Mr. TF and I have the actual day off for the first time in maybe a decade – and we will celebrate together.

May your day be blessed and may you look forward to the returning of the light!