Sometimes the boss needs to kick me in the butt.

I do work for a company every weekend; I do that to pay my bills and support our family while we complete school.  That I’m not talking about — I’m highly motivated to keep that job and do the best I can before I become an advanced practice nurse.  I believe in the saying that you should make yourself so valuable to your employer that they will want to keep you.

That’s not the boss I’m talking about. 

I warped my loom for some napkins; the idea was that I would use mainly white with green as an accent color for the napkins then weave a matching set of place mats in mainly green with white as the accent color.  Well, the napkins didn’t turn out well at all; I didn’t calculate the sett well (sett is how many threads per inch you use for the warp) though it was within the acceptable range for this fiber.  So the draw in (how much they shrink width wise while on the loom) was pretty severe and will be worse when I wet finish them.  then I discovered I misthreaded and had to put in a repair heddle.  Then my selvedges (the sides of the weaving) were crap because of the draw in problems and I didn’t have the tension tight enough. 

Long story short, I HATED these but couldn’t bring myself to cut them off the loom and cut my losses.  So the weaving went in fits and starts.  Mostly fits. 

Since I have a project that MUST be done by May 10, my procrastination has cost me much in terms of time!  I finally finished the napkins last night.  They are in a pile with several other projects awaiting the hemming and wet finishing.  If my boss (ME) were a good boss, the pile wouldn’t be still sitting and the napkins would have been done last week. 

If I’m going to make a business out of weaving I need to be a better boss to myself…