Holiday knitting

Hand spun hand knitted sweater for someone in Maine. I love this pattern! I will definitely knit this one again for other deserving people including one for myself. At minimum wage and materials this sweater costs over $600 (before taxes of course).

Pattern is called hitofude, which is Japanese for one brush stroke. It’s appropriate, because the pattern is knit entirely in one continuous piece and the only ends are where I made joins for new skeins of yarn. Absolutely ingenious construction and a very enjoyable knit. Continue reading

A much better rant on the importance of textiles than mine

Beautiful Knitting linked to this essay about the importance of textiles to modern civilization. I thought it was so very good, I’m also linking to it here. It’s from 2007, but it’s still relevant today.

Should Everyone Spin? Abby Franquemont is a renowned spinner who grew up in Peru, the child of anthropologists. Excellent read, although a little long.