Seed resources – updated as I find them

Native Seeds Search An Arizona based non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the varieties of seeds grown in the Southwest desert prior to the changeover to agribusiness.

The Kusa Seed Society a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving ancient varieties of wheat, triticale, and barleys from all over the world.

The Welter Seed and Honey Company An American family owned seed company.  They sell seed in 50 lb bags, but you can order smaller quantities by calling them, they add a handling fee but if you want to try growing on a small scale and saving seed, it would be worthwhile especially if you go in halves with neighbors.

Seeds from Italy Small family owned company based in Massachusetts.  Owner is highly responsive to email and queries, shipping fast.  *Disclaimer* I don’t know the ultimate owner of the seeds, other than the Franchi Seed company.  I Do however have about five years experience with these seeds and they by far outperform any other seed I’ve tried.  Generous packets.

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