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  1. Hey, I just read your comment re: natural fiber work, the “rustic” look, and the necessity of wage slavery on the Archdruid intro-to-green-wizardry post, and I thought I’d send you this link, although it’s likely you already know about it:


    I have been a fan of Etsy for a while. Though it’s not perfect by any means, it can and does provide a way to sell your sustainably- and lovably-created useful objects and supplement your income. Or – if you are really hardworking/lucky – quit your day job! I hope to do so one day, too.

    Best wishes,

    • I love to look at all the Etsy stuff! I have a shop, but I haven’t sold anything yet. I’m sure my prices are a little high…I belong to a spinners and weavers guild and I go by the prices they recommend to me — when I used to bellydance it really ticked me off that girls would be so desperate to dance that they would undersell the established dancers, so I only danced where and at the price my instructor recommended. I didn’t dance much, but at least I didn’t feel like I was cheating other dancers out of their living. And I was undercut on more than one occasion, myself. I just figure that you get what you pay for, as in all things. You can buy cheap, and buy again and again, or you can buy quality, and buy once.

      What’s your store called? I’ll happily go check it out.

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