Them’s Fightin’ Words

Me:  “I read somewhere that red hair is a Neanderthal trait that was passed on to modern humans by archaic humans interbreeding with Neanderthals”

Spouse:  (putting down his book to look at me carefully) “Well that explains a lot…”

Yes, he lives 🙂

What I have been doing with my extra brain bandwidth. Or, Reindeer Games.


This is a hat. I spun and dyed the yarn and while the overall design is my own, the chart for the reindeer and trees I got from Ravelry. This one is for sale, it is $35 plus shipping if you might be interested. I am making another with opposite colors but that one is already spoken for.  The colors are a bubblegum pink  and grapey purple.  I can’t remember the name of the dye I used for the pink, but the purple was called ‘amethyst.’

I have not been knitting much the past month or so, no time thanks to OfficeAlly, our EHR program. Which SHOULD be named OfficeEnemy. Or OfficeOpponent. I lose work every single day and find myself having to waste large spans of time on tasks which should be easy but aren’t. Every time I click on a medicine to enter it I have to wait for the page to reload which take 30-45 seconds. And it is not very user friendly because of this. The autosave has been responsible for me losing more work than any other single feature of the program. Plus it bumps us off several times a day and you have to waste precious time logging back in, going back into where you were, and redoing everything you just lost.  Honestly paper is so much faster.

Some people make beautiful jewelry, I make silly crap like this.  The doctor I work with said after seeing this hat that I’m twisted in all the right ways and that’s why he likes me.    I figure I’m doing my part with sympathetic magic to ensure that we have future populations of deer and reindeer to enjoy 😉

And yes, I realize this is a pretty awful photo.  Sorry, my photography skills seem to actually getting worse rather than better.  The brim does not roll, and if I can get a photo on an actual model tomorrow I will try to post that.

Apparently my cat’s been living a double life

We have a cat named Bari (pronounced Barry) which means ‘innocent.”  How we got him is a slightly complicated story.  We have a lot of strays in our neighborhood.  Some have been abandoned, and some are feral, but they are relatively friendly so we feed them.  We don’t generally adopt the strays, we just give them food and water, and love when they’re willing, and nature does what it will.  It’s made for sad moments, but also many happy ones too.  We have indoor cats, rescues, so we are generally careful about the mix we bring into the home.  Some cats will just never get along.  And we can’t adopt every homeless cat.  We just offer kindness and food for those who are willing.

So we had been feeding this feral cat, a tiny tiny black and white female we named “Miss Kitty” because she was so tiny, and so prim, and everything had to be ‘just so’ before she felt comfortable enough to let us pet her.  On Christmas Eve 2008 we found out she was a mama, because she brought her kitten with her to introduce him to us.   He was weaned already, but he was so tiny, and so young, and it was so cold outside that we kidnapped him.  There’s no other way to put it.  We stole him from her, because we knew he wouldn’t survive the winter if we didn’t.  In fact, Miss Kitty didn’t survive, we didn’t see her after the end of January and we assume she got eaten by a coyote or something. if you scroll down you will see photos of him when he had grown quite a bit – mom’s love and milk might be good, but if there’s not enough babies just can’t grow.  We got him neutered when he was old enough, because the last thing we want are more kittens in the neighborhood.

So anyway, he peed all over everything for months and months.  I was ready to take him to the local cat rescue because it was so out of control.  In desperation, my husband started letting him out.  Well, that’s what he wanted because he quit.  So every since, he’s been an indoor outdoor cat (our only one), and when he’s ready to come back in he’s learned to knock on the window (really!) and meow until we let him in.  We call it ‘going on patrol’ and sometimes, in summer, he’s gone for a day and a half before he comes back.  We just assume it’s because it’s nice out and he’s got things to do; he comes when I whistle, usually, he’s never far.

Last week, though, he was gone for 3 days.  We were a little worried, but he always comes back, he’s a big strong cat and he can take care of himself.  Well, when he came back it looked like his belly had been shaved.  He wouldn’t let me pick him up to look and Mr. TF told me I was crazy.  The night before last though, he came to bed with us and I pointed it out again.  Sure enough, his belly had been shaved!

Apparently our cat has been leading a double life, because *someone* took him in to have him spayed….we are now wondering what his other name is and who the family is that has also adopted him 🙂

Conservative (whether Libertarian or Republican) Christian = Covert Satan Worshipper

Repub logoNotice the anarchist/Satanist stars there…?  Head down, legs up.  Classic Satanist.  Picture taken from the official GOP logo on Google.  Don’t believe me?  Look here.

I haven’t continued the posts on libertarians because I kept getting bogged down in exactly *why* their view so closely resembles exactly the opposite of what they profess:  i.e., traditional Christian values.  I am quite familiar with Satanists; being a member of an alternative faith means that any large scale gathering of Pagans will inevitably include one or two Satanists as well.  They live by their morals, and most are extremely hard working because they believe that they deserve what they get and they are willing to work to get what they want.  Their morals quite accurately describe the actions espoused by the conservative sector of our society today:  only those who deserve nice stuff get nice stuff.  If you’re poor it’s because you deserve it.  If you are hungry it’s because you are lazy and undeserving.  And so on.

I am appalled by the Prosperity Gospel espoused in most fundamentalist churches today; the idea that one can worship God and Mammon is thoroughly debunked by Jesus himself and I wonder that more so-called Christians don’t notice the fundamental disconnect between what Jesus *actually* said and what they think he said.  A friend of mine has a quote under her internet signature that fits perfectly:  “The Bible is like a software license – most people click “agree” without ever reading what’s actually written in it.”  It doesn’t help that Christians are taught to focus on one bible verse at a time instead of reading entire chapters to understand the context in which the verse actually resides.  It’s easy to take it out of context that way.

In my experience, many if not most conservatives who identify as either Libertarian or Republican also self identify as Christian.  I live in a red state, having moved here from a red state, so I am extremely familiar with the ideology.  And I truly can’t understand the fascination with Ayn Rand.   A bigger hypocrite never lived, I am sure.  And she was a terrible author to boot.  I have read her books….OMG.  My kids could have written more compelling stuff when they were in elementary school.  Full of logical fallacies and correlation = causation missteps.  Quite profound lack of critical thinking skills displayed, and boringly predictable heroes/heroines.

So I present to you the best dissection of modern Libertarian/Republican/Conservative ideology I have ever read, and one which makes so much sense I think it may actually be so:  A Christmas Speculation

The Archdruid nails it.  Perfectly in every way.  He intended it as satire; however, excepting the Ann Coulter part, I find it to be quite close to the truth as far as actual behavior of said people vs. professed beliefs. I find it sad that my Pagan ethos is much closer to the ethos espoused by Jesus than my self professed Christian born-again neighbors.

ETA:  son’s S.O. is soon to be daughter in law, he proposed to her 🙂

This is hilarious!

Men experiencing labor pains thanks to technology

Happy belated Mother’s Day!  We spent the afternoon at my son’s house with his S.O., our three year old grand daughter and our newest grand daughter who was 12 days old, and with S.O.’s mother.  My son made dinner:  barbequed chicken breasts, steamed broccoli and carrots, and cowboy beans.  It was delicious!

Why tending bar is better than nursing

*tongue in cheek*


1.  Bartenders aren’t expected to work 12 hour shifts.  If they’re on their feet, it’s for 8 hours or less.  Because employers understand that you can’t hump it for longer and be efficient and quick to serve the customer if you’re exhausted.

2.  Bartenders aren’t expected to also be maids, personal chefs, janitors, etc while they’re serving drinks.  While they may called on to function as lay psychiatrists and clergy, people don’t file complaints when bartenders are too busy with other customers’ drinks to give advice/comfort.

3.  When bartenders give advice, people don’t take it for anything other than personal advice.  They don’t sue bartenders for malpractice and bartenders don’t lose licenses over it.

4.  As a rule, most doctors respect bartenders and their contributions to society.  Even when bartenders give advice, doctors don’t view it as encroaching on their territory.  And they don’t think bartenders are their personal servants, just bringers of drinks.

5.  Bartenders aren’t expected to take their work home to finish if there are customers waiting when the shift is over.  Because employers understand that bartending is a job, not an all consuming career.  Bartenders don’t have to make phone calls for support services or follow up with other disciplines on their own time, and they don’t have to finish paperwork at home because they were too busy seeing customers during their shift, or because the computers were down at work.

6.  The boss doesn’t demand that the bartender give all their free time to being available for extra shifts, nor do they demand mandatory overtime, nor do they have to be on call for an emergency after hours drink.

7.  Bartenders don’t have to maintain special certifications and formal continuing education in order to tend bar.  While they do have to keep up on new drink recipes, no one is going to take away their job if they have to look it up once in a while.

8.  Bartenders aren’t at high risk of contracting deadly diseases in the course of performing their jobs.  You don’t generally get hepatitis as a result of tending bar.  You might get the flu or a cold though.

9.  Bartenders aren’t generally expected to wear white pants and shoes.  That is just the dumbest thing ever for either bartending or nursing.  White?  Really?  Enough said.

10.  Bartenders don’t generally collapse from work related stress.  If they burn out, no one condemns them as weak or unprofessional.

And finally, the best reason:

11.  Bartenders can actually make almost as much money as nurses.  Of course, they need to be at a busy bar, with a large customer base, but it’s most definitely possible.

Yes, I know this is simplistic.  Yes, I know you could probably argue with many of these.  And no, I don’t think doctors generally view nurses less than respectfully.  But there are a minority, big enough to notice, who do.

I like nursing, I really do.  The problem is that nursing is not really about nursing any more.  Some of that is good, much of it is bad.  When money rules everything, people suffer, plain and simple.

Have a good day.