The title of the blog is in reference to a coworker’s actual EMS call several years ago:  a woman walking completely nude down a very busy interstate – other than the tin foil hat she wore.  She said it kept the aliens from being able to read her thoughts or tell her anything.  It has stuck with me every since, and since I live near Sedona it seemed appropriate.  The blog is actually about my home, garden, chickens, work, sustainability, peak oil, and efforts toward self sufficiency in a semi rural area.  My husband thinks I’m crazy for trying all this, hence the tin foil hat…we might as well start a society because I know there’s others out there like me!

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  1. Wow–I just found your site. Great job. I’m an RN with teenage kids and a small farm, and way too much fiber in the kids’ schoolroom, and I’m going to enjoy your blog. Ann

  2. I also thought of starting a similarly named society. We would hold local chapter meetings on top of people’s houses. This is to keep government and alien remote interceptors that are planted in our walls from listening to us and/or tracking our brain waves. Of course, when we are on our roofs, the tin foil hats keep them from remotely tracking us aboard their cloaked airships. Also, during the Vernal Equinox on a clear evening, tin foil hats, when utilized appropriately, are able to communicate with certain star systems. (Please do not be alarmed. Actually, I am normal… just looking for a reason to have a party) Good luck with your endeavors!

  3. All this time, I’ve been wondering about your blog / user name; and it was right here! I guess in some ways I would be a part of this society of yours … I believe in self-sufficiency; and in all honesty, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that a tin foil hat could keep aliens out. Personally though, I tend to think it would be preferable to have ET in my head, than the weirdos born on and in charge of this planet … so a tin foil hat that could keep out obnoxious advertising and other methods of mind programming would be something I’d really go for 😉

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