On this Easter I give you this

The arrogance of the Christian god

It’s good for several laughs, not the least of which is the fact that all Christians and Muslims, and a great many Jews, insist there is no god but their own – yet in the bible itself we find YVWH referencing himself as being in a company of Gods.  We find him dictating laws that he then commands his followers to directly disobey.

It’s sad how people take that book and use it as a club against those who they don’t like, those who don’t follow their ways.   Europeans have no idea how very much of the ethos they *think* is Christian, is actually pre-Christian native ethos that their ancestors have syncretized into the desert faith.

May you have a blessed Eostremonath (Easter month, which is what the Anglo Saxons called this month).

2 responses

  1. I think we need to reclaim Yahweh from the Christians and Jews just as we reclaim all other things stolen or distorted by them. Originally Yahweh was a polytheistic God of Canaan, who had a wife called Asherah. There are traces of this in the Old Testament, as you mention. In any case, may the Germanic peoples be blessed by Eostremonath.

    • I am certain you are correct in this. I actually know a Jewish woman who worships the pre-monotheistic Gods of her people. And blessings on you and yours as well!

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