Magni update

He’s 9 1/2 months old now, and not even done growing yet!  He weighs about 25 pounds.

He’s literally double the size of our other cats.  He bowls them over without trying.  But he’s the sweetest thing, the most gentle soul.

I’m pretty darned sure he’s got Norwegian Forest cat in him somewhere.  He’s got heavy fur between his toes, the heavy white fur on his belly (that you can’t see in these pics but it’s there), the fur tufts in his ears, and the heavy club like tail.

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    • Your comment got completely lost, and I’m not sure why! He is very shy, but he does like cuddles. He will come and lie down next to me, but he won’t sit in my lap. He sleeps with me every night but only down at my feet. I think that losing his whiskers on one side really wrought havoc on his self assurance about a lot more than just spatial awareness, because now that they’ve finally grown back (May is when they were finally all back to the same size as the other side of his face) he is really gaining in confidence.

    • I agree! He is such a sweet thing. Very cat-like in that he frightens easily and is still skittish, but boy does he purr loudly when he gets love! And I adore his kitty kisses (nose bumps).

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