Patriarchy is women’s fault.

And it’s two women who posit this with much in terms of circumstantial evidence.

I came to this article via a round about clicking of links on various other sites; I think this is logical and believable.

My major issue with patriarchy is that men do not police themselves when it comes to abusive behavior toward their women.  I would be perfectly happy to have been a home maker had things turned out differently for me.  I was not happy to be abused and taken advantage of when I was, however.  If other men had come to my (then) husband and confronted him about his behavior, forcing him to behave in a more loving and respectful manner to the mother of his children, things might have turned out very differently.  For all of us.

ETA I’m including a link regarding this very subject to a post I wrote several years ago


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  1. What has happened to you and what still happens to some women is very unfortunate. My own mother had a certain share of it too…Patriarchy, either as a notion, system or term, is quite complex and problematic, and the same could be said of feminism. The article is interesting and seemingly fair. However, being a traditional polytheist, I will venture to defend traditional marriages where a good father (and brother) arranges it, because he will care for the general well-being of his daughter, both as it regards finance and happiness. In such a case, the husband’s power is counterbalanced by the males of her family; dishonoring the daughter will dishonor those males. Whereas fathers who merely sell their daughters to powerful or rich husbands (for alliances, etc) should be ashamed, as also fathers who place their daughters’ honor at a low price by allowing them to violate custom & tradition concerning modesty and chastity before marriage. Certainly daughters who disrespect their fathers’ advice or go their own way with marriage (something too often done nowadays) easily invite bad consequences; either the endurance of a man’s abuse or the deprivation of a father after divorce.

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