Just so we’re all clear.

Once again: I’m not a white nationalist. Not a white supremacist. Not an alt-righter. More of a classical liberal, actually.

That being said, I am just in horrified shock at what took place this weekend.

Snyder vs Phelps 9-0 decision. HATE SPEECH IS PROTECTED.

Whether you believe those who were speaking at the Unite the Right rally were speaking hate speech, or you believe something else, they HAD AND HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HEARD.

I will defend to the DEATH the right of a KKK member, or a National Socialist, or a Communist, to speak publicly and at length, on their views.

Free speech is free for all, or for no one.

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  1. Same in the UK at the moment unfortunately. We have just lost an MP (similar to a Congressperson) who resigned following a wave of indignation about an article she wrote claiming that gangs of South Asian men are exploiting vulnerable white women and using them as unpaid / low paid sex workers. The problem is, this is true and has been the subject of several recent high profile prosecutions. However, political correctness requires that you can’t say it.

  2. My question, is why does everyone have to declare that they are against Nazis, etc.? I assume that my friends and others are against Nazis, without they telling me. Why all the virtue signaling?

    As for hate speech, I think it is a term that gets thrown around. It get used as speech that upsets me.

    • I wonder this too. And frankly, all they’re doing is spurring geeks like me to look into the whole Nazi thing more to see what it is they actually believe. Which of course in the end will create more Nazi’s as people find enough in that political/philosophical system to identify with that they “switch sides.”

      The virtue signaling pisses me off. I don’t think I’m virtue signaling – I don’t ID with those groups but I definitely can see salient points they all voice. And they have a right to speak. I’m not against them, I’m just not a part of them. If that makes sense.

    • Really. And what, pray tell, has given you the impression that I’m a white nationalist? Please, do point me to the post in question. I’d love to know what’s given you that idea. Because I’ve just gone back over the last year’s worth of posts and I see absolutely nothing that should hint at anything resembling that.

      What I see is a blog record that points to me having an independent mindset that doesn’t follow any side blindly. Which is true. I have no particular side. Though thanks to recent events if I have to pick one, I’m going to pick the side that has my interests in mind. Perhaps you might try going back to read what I’ve actually posted instead of going based off re-blogs?

      And Helsen isn’t a white nationalist either. I’ve had private conversations with him and I can assure you he’s in basically the same position as I am – seeing good and bad in each side, seeing the major flaws with each, and feeling like he now has to take a side.

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