http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_594c46e4e4b0da2c731a84df/amp The recent election has only emboldened these groups but, as the article I posted yesterday shows (https://facingthefireswithin.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/anti-semitism-and-white-supremacy/), they have been a major issue for a long time. I am rarely questioned, attacked or otherwise asked about these posts but I will take a moment and explain two reasons I write and post them: It […]

via White Supremacists as the greater terror threat — facingthefireswithin

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  1. When the society has identity politics as an engine, you will have a reaction. Let’s face it, white supremacy is identity politics as well. So, the answer is not to focus on whiteness as bad but to focus on violence by anyone as bad.

    • I agree. However, statistically speaking, it’s not white supremacists who are committing violence, nor are they the ones who are planning it in droves. Which is why I said that. It just boggles the mind that anyone can twist their reasoning and logic to actually believe a few scattered retaliatory attacks account for terror on a scale anywhere approaching that of other groups.

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