It may not stop terrorism but it’s surely going to slow it down. And we DO NOT need more people who are never going to do anything but suck on the welfare teat. I’m looking at you Germany.

President Donald Trump speaks following the ceremonial swearing-in of James Mattis as secretary of defense at the Pentagon in Washington, on Jan. 27, 2017. Mandel Ngan—AFP/Getty Images By imposing a blanket ban on immigration for selected countries and suspending the U.S. Refugee program, Donald Trump will not effectively counter the threat of a terrorist attack…

via Trump’s Immigration Ban Will Not Stop Terrorism — Egyptian Streets

2 responses

  1. OK…let’s see if for the millionth time we can get that strange thing called “facts” across to the liberal lefties

    Trump did not select those Countries

    Obama selected those Countries

    Along with Obama’s DHS head Jeh Johnson

    It’s Obama’s Law that Trump enforced

  2. A stubborn thing those facts are….those inflicted with the liberal or leftie illness are missing a component which prevents them from accepting the Truth.

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