American Pagans and the Pursuit of the Millennium

This is written about Pagans specifically but applies to those who voted for Clinton in general. And yes, the writer really *did* have a wall fall on her, it’s not a metaphor.

Neptune's Dolphins

When Hilary Clinton lost to Donald Trump, quite a few people fell into deep despair. They simply could not understand why would someone vote for Trump for U.S. President. One group greatly affected by the outcome were the American Pagans. On social media and in various blogs, many warned of the coming tribulations that would occur. Moreover, some notable Pagans painted a troubling picture of how hellish life would be from now on.

Usu One underlying thread in their expressions of melancholy is the assumption that the U.S. had been progressing towards a more ideal society. Known as “Millennialism,” the belief that the U.S. is “the Shining City on the Hill” permeates American culture in various forms. Usually associated with Fundamentalist Christians who long for the Second Coming of Christ, there is also a secular version of Millennialism as well. According to Secular Millennialism, America would evolve into a state of…

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