How modern medicine has set us up for a looming cancer epidemic

This is long but well worth the read. I’ve been vaccinated against, and also had, most of these childhood diseases: chickenpox, measles, mumps, pertussis (this one really sucked), scarlet fever (no vaccine, just a strep infection). Which just goes to show that the vaccines are 1. not as effective as everyone assumes, 2. don’t last as long as everyone assumed (though they are coming to realize that now as more people like me get vaccine preventable diseases), 3. have unintended consequences.

The Seneca Effect

Last year I wrote an article that pointed out that viruses are not per definition malignant. Many of the viral pathogens to which we are exposed should instead be seen as symbiotic organisms, that perform important functions for our health. The effects they cause include a long-lasting protection against cancer.

Unfortunately, it is easier for us to detect the acute effects of a viral infection than to detect the long-term role that viral infection plays in our health. As a result, modern medicine has led us to make a number of decisions that are ultimately detrimental to our health.

I recently encountered a study that provides a long list of cases where childhood natural infections with diseases we now vaccinate against was associated with a reduced risk of cancer. Even viruses like Influenza are mentioned in the literature as playing an important role in “teaching” the body how to cope with future…

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