It may be time to boycott YouTube.

Huh.  I just discovered today, via looking around at various videos, that for anyone who has turned off the advertisements for their own videos, they no longer load or play without interruptions.  Like constant buffering interruptions. But the ones with the annoying advertisements play like butter – smooth.

Time to maybe start either a campaign to have everyone turn off the advertisements in their videos or boycott YouTube altogether.

I cannot tell you how very SICK of Dove commercials about strong women being proud of their looks and hair I am.  Who gives a flying $%)%(?


One response

  1. YouTube is one of several services that I find had eroded over the years, as parent companies try new and inventive ways to squeeze profitability out of every bit and byte. If you want to enjoy a few moments of horror in your own head, I recommend the following:

    Think about how pervasive advertising has become; then think of as many ways as you can, that advertising influences the high as well the low rungs of society. Think of all the various jobs involved in this industry. Now, look at the whole thing all over again; but this time look at it through a religious lens. Who are the priests? What powers do they wield, and what powers are they serving? How does advertising as a religion look upon its adherents, how does it view the masses in general?

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