Them’s Fightin’ Words

Me:  “I read somewhere that red hair is a Neanderthal trait that was passed on to modern humans by archaic humans interbreeding with Neanderthals”

Spouse:  (putting down his book to look at me carefully) “Well that explains a lot…”

Yes, he lives 🙂

3 responses

  1. And why shouldn’t he live? Neanderthals had the better stone technology and were the first humans to conduct funerals: either they discovered funerals as a means to discourage other animals from considering them to be a food source; or they did it because they had basic religious concepts down. The former speaks further for their intellect in comparison to Cro-Magnon humans; while the latter speaks for a more advanced psyche as well as intellect, taking the superior stone technology into consideration. Red hair is usually regarded as a very fine thing to have. Your spouse complimented you, pure and simple … now, if he intended an off-handed insult but wound up complimenting you, perhaps he just doesn’t have enough of that Neanderthalic cleverness pumping through his veins 😉

    • One of my closest and long time friends is WAY more strawberry blonde than I ever thought about being. She asked if he was still alive 🙂

      I dunno about red hair being a fine thing to have – it’s my understanding that in England gingers are still regarded in some places as being cursed and I remember a family of gingers being run out of a neighborhood several years ago.

      That being said however, your theory is rather fascinating. 🙂

      • Theory? Nah, just observing a few facts. Granted, I also have red hair (actually, with full beard and head of hair – which I have not had for many years – the top of my head is blonde, the sides and back brown, and my beard is red) … and have been complimented on some of my other Neanderthalic traits numerous times 😉

        Red-hair is seen as a curse? I’ve never heard of this – does it stem from the invasions from the Norse, perhaps? Honestly, the only thing I’ve ever had to fear from an attractive red-head is tripping over my own tongue, lol – perhaps a curse in a way, but I refuse to see it as such 🙂

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