Not such a lost art

Spinning in Donegal, 1978

My grandparents on my father’s side come from Mayo and Cork.  I see the ruddy complexion in my boys (and me) is a ‘thing’ for those of us with Irish ancestry 🙂

When I first sat down at an antique wheel it was as though something ‘clicked’ in my hands.  My hands knew what to do before my brain caught up.  I suspect something like spinning, a skill with such a long history, is carried in genetic memory.

While I can’t speak for my ancestors, who may very well have hated the task, I can say that spinning gives me comfort, a time to meditate, a peaceful space in which to contemplate everything and nothing.

2 responses

  1. Awesome video – thank you for linking to this!

    I think there is something to be said for ancestral memory – at the very least, I think it can manifest as a general affinity for certain things. A part of this seems to come to us in the womb … while it also seems relatives who pass from this world also tend to leave a little behind as they depart. I’ve always been fairly keen when it comes to history, for example; but when my mother passed, along with a few other things, I seem to have also inherited her knack for trivia.

    I’m glad you found something that helps you to connect with your ancestors 🙂

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