So. Running a business.

Well, I got a Medicare number which enables me to back bill for up to 6 months worth of visits.  I got a Medicaid number which enables me to back bill for up to a year’s worth of visits (though I will only be reimbursed at the out of network rate for those that occured before credentialing with the contracted insurance companies).  I am in the process of credentialing with the insurance companies and have signed contracts with several – which completes my part of the deal, it’s them I await.

I also got a part time job with a physician in town.  I wasn’t planning on taking a job, but my friend talked me into applying.  We, the doctor and I, are a good fit – she is interested in alternative therapies and tries to keep people off meds if possible.  It was also apparently in the Gods’ plans, because my husband got laid off from his job a month after I started.

Anyone reading this remember back this past summer when it was predicted that the Wild Hunt would ride early and ride hard this year?  Yes…well.  When one’s husband is a hospice nurse, and most of his patients die all at once, it means no work.

I am working 6 days a week now, 3 for my employer (and busting my @$$ to make sure she doesn’t regret hiring me!) and 3 for myself.  The paperwork, as with any job, is the time sucking mind killer.

My spiritual practice has shrunken considerably, mostly due to fatigue.  It’s hard to remember to do more than a ‘hey hail thanks’ and leave an offering on my way to bed.  I do a lot of devotional stuff on my way to appointments and to/from work.  Probably not the best solution but it’s the one I’m currently utilizing.

The good part?  I spend the better part of three days every week working for myself, and the business is at least paying for itself in co-pays.  I have not had to come up with money out of pocket for supplies, the co-pays are paying for them.  Doing house calls means almost no overhead – no separate office, no separate electricity.  My office is on the wall right as you come in the front door, and my exam room is the patient’s own home.

So business has been going, not expanding as quickly as I had hoped, but expanding all the same.  An ad placed in a local free paper paid for itself in one house call.  Word of mouth has been my best advertising though. My hunch was right, there really is a need for this business in this community – and word is getting around.




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