Why I’m going Viking – and why you should too

If he ever gets to the Gulf of Mexico and wants to see the Grand Canyon, I’m happy to host – I live 3 hours from it and it’s a day trip we’ve made several times before. Plus Sedona is pretty cool, and that’s less than an hour.



I don’t know what the future holds. But I know this: When the time is right, I will leave my home shores and go Viking. In this blog post, I will try to explain what that means, and why you should go Viking too.

First of all: Going Viking doesn’t mean dressing up as a Viking. Going Viking has nothing to do with how you dress. Although, I must say that personally, wearing Viking clothes is my natural state and it’s when I have to look like a modern man that I’m «dressing up».

Going Viking doesn’t mean that you sail out to raid monasteries either. It could mean that, but last time I checked, it was sort of illegal. Going Viking means that you leave your home for an extended period of time and go in search of adventure. Yes, I know it sounds a bit romantic. But it’s…

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  1. Having done it before, I can only agree – it’s worth it to put your feet to the road, then find a way off the road and simply wander. I have plans to do so again next year, when I set out on my own pilgrimage to a rebuilt Viking settlement close to the border of Denmark. Sedona is something else I can get enthusiastic about – I’ve been there before, and as long as I was able to avoid some of the glitzy New Age tourist traps (the difference between Pagan and New Age is roughly $500 per weekend, in my experience – and I am not loose enough with my money to go New Age), the place is truly magical. Boynton Canyon was maybe my favorite place – the circles that everyone has set up over the years, really great 🙂 It was along the way to Sedona where I saw ravens in the wild for the first time.

    • Thank you for the laugh re: Pagan vs New Age. YES. Ravens hang around my yard – they protect our chickens from the hawks, believe it or not. They seem to like me, and often will circle back around to caw at me in the mornings, and I attribute it to the fact that I have the chickens. Something along the lines of cares for semi flightless birds = good human in their minds.

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