Some Further Thoughts on My Issues with #SCOTUSMarriage

I think, as I have said before, that anyone who wants to marry should be able to do so. Well, OK, maybe if you want to marry a horse or something along that lines, where the other “individual” cannot intelligently agree to the contract, should not be legal. But if my friend Justin wants to marry his sweetheart, he should be just as entitled to do so as I was to marry mine.

A marriage, legally speaking, is a contract, pure and simple. There may be a religious component associated with it, if you choose that, but you get your license from the government and the government is endorsing the legal nature of the contract when the license is signed and registered. No marriage is legally recognized without that contract. And telling a gay couple that they cannot legally enter into a contract because some religious people disapprove of their union is just crap. My husband’s grandmother would have disapproved of our union – I was married before and divorced, and she was a devout Catholic. That shouldn’t mean we can’t get married, it means holidays would have been a little more stressful for us.

I think the Supreme Court really did two very bad things this week: upholding the ACA in its current form, and their crafting law illegally on gay marriage. In both they violated both precedent and the democratic process. And they have destroyed their legitimacy for probably a majority of the citizens of this country by one, or both of these rulings.

Son of Hel

I have to say that my previous article about the Gay Marriage ruling has to be one of the most popular I’ve written, at least in terms of likes. Which surprised me, but then the things I think people will like seem to be ignored and the ones i think they won’t care about tend to get the most attention. Go figure.

I’ve had a bit of time to calm down from my initial reaction to hearing about the Ruling (which, you know, hooray for marriage equality). I’ve had a number of discussions with people, most of whom understand my feelings but figure that what I’ve predicted won’t happen. Ranging from Lady Imbrium thinking pedophilia won’t get the same status of acceptance that homosexuality has, to some co-workers thinking they won’t end up criminalizing religions that don’t agree…to at least one person saying that it would be good if religious…

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