Several things.

1.  I did very well on my final exam, which was a mock board certification test.  I bettered my score on the initial mock certification test at the beginning of class by 11 points – both of which were passing scores, but I wanted to do much better for my second test.

2.  I had official transcripts emailed to the Board of Nursing on Friday Feb 20th.  They received them, according to the school (meaning they actually opened the email) yesterday, Feb 25.  They still have not acknowledged receiving them on the website.

3.  I sent official transcripts to the certifying body on Feb 25.  They acknowledge it and have it posted as of today.

4.  Which means, between 3 and 4, I will have paid for a temporary certification for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON at this rate.  Because as soon as I get the authorization to test, I plan to schedule my exam.

5.  My truck got stolen from a public library parking lot in broad daylight on a weekday!!!!!  THANK YOU TO OUR SOUTH OF THE BORDER FRIENDS….YAY OBAMA AND HIS DACA’S.  It was found the same night, sans tires/rims/exhaust system/splash guards on the front end, clutch burned out, transmission possibly trashed, steering column and ignition system trashed.  ETA and one of the running lights duct-taped to the body.  It’s at the shop now, hoping they will not total the vehicle if the cost to replace all of that is too high.  I called Discount Tire this morning, they gave me a quote of $1290 for replacement tires/rims of exactly what I had.  The insurance company is questioning the rims/tires, wanting a receipt.  We keep telling them, WE BOUGHT IT THAT WAY.  Good thing I have a photo of the truck with the rims that I texted to my son or we would be screwed. 

6.  I have other things going on right now, stress upon stress.

7.  I just have to have faith that this is going to make us stronger in the end.  And that fighting for ‘right’ will win out over evil in the end.

It’s almost like the longest gestation in history.

I have completed my clinicals.

I will complete my paperwork today.

I take my final exam for my final class tonight.

I began this journey 37 months ago.

After all this time to be done, to have only the board certification exam to stress about, seems very very odd.  I’ve been so stressed for so very long now.

I guess it’s time to clean house and get the garden ready for spring…

Huh. Maybe writing for school for 5 years has done my writing some good.

Mr. TF has been telling locals about my blog, and some of them have apparently read it.

I’m not ashamed of my positions, and I’ll happily back them up, but it kind of weirded me out for the simple reason that I *know* a lot of these people in the flesh.  I don’t make it a point to broadcast my views publicly because I know many of our associates are extremely conservative ala Glenn Beck, and because frankly some of them don’t have the best critical thinking skills.  And even the ones who are relatively moderate may be aghast that I appear liberal in many areas yet do not toe the liberal party line on many essential issues to the liberal platform.  I’m in a zone that is neither liberal nor conservative really, and I don’t know what you would call it.  I personally call it the common sense party.  Prolly not gonna fly as a national party though, entirely too reality based….

I guess I’ve impressed at least one or two though, at least according to Mr. TF.  I spent tonight re-reading many old posts.  I have to say that I thought I made some good points, and wrote in a semi-compelling fashion.  Some were interesting to read merely because I wrote them so long ago it was like reading someone else’s writing.  Some, of course, were silly and I would not write about that now.

Mr. TF insists my best writing is about political/social stuff.  The interesting thing about those posts is that I stew about stuff for days or weeks, and when I finally sit down to write it usually comes out in a 3 or 4 hour burst.  They are that long only because I need to research my facts in order to link before I post.  I personally HATE reading blogs where authors make all kinds of assertions that, without links to back it up, are nothing but opinion.  Give me your sources, I can make up my own mind, thank you!  Occasionally my own posts have come from reading a blog which is patently trying to leave out critical facts in order to bolster their own shaky case.

I still need to post more on the libertarian issue, but there is SO MUCH HISTORY to the topic that it is frankly overwhelming until I get past the challenges I am currently facing.

I miss my kids and grandkids.  I feel in need of grand baby hugs right now.  Just sayin’.