Huh. Wasn’t just me.

I wasn’t the only one to get screwed over by Carson Cooper. Too bad for me he kept a $200 “fee” for his time and trouble (nevermind it was my trouble). Mr. TF says it’s a good racket and could be a good living, NOT making wheels and keeping $200 for every refund you issue, says he wishes he had the balls to start a business like that.

Apparently he’s done this to a lot of people. I have been contacted by more than one person who asked if I had ever received my Eirny wheel. Seems he takes money but doesn’t produce the wheels that people order – which he says he can/will make. Except the little folding wheels he makes to sell as a ‘stock’ item.

I find it interesting that he is threatening to sue, according to the blog post above; it’s not libel if you can produce evidence. I’ve kept all my emails as well, mine date back to 2011 too.

Too bad, I think he had the potential to be a great wheel maker — if, that is, he actually made the wheels he promised.

Well, I’m very happy with Antonio, my Canadian Production Wheel. I wanted a wheel that could do everything, but I’m happy with a wheel that does only a few things – but those few things it does VERY WELL.

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