Conservative (whether Libertarian or Republican) Christian = Covert Satan Worshipper

Repub logoNotice the anarchist/Satanist stars there…?  Head down, legs up.  Classic Satanist.  Picture taken from the official GOP logo on Google.  Don’t believe me?  Look here.

I haven’t continued the posts on libertarians because I kept getting bogged down in exactly *why* their view so closely resembles exactly the opposite of what they profess:  i.e., traditional Christian values.  I am quite familiar with Satanists; being a member of an alternative faith means that any large scale gathering of Pagans will inevitably include one or two Satanists as well.  They live by their morals, and most are extremely hard working because they believe that they deserve what they get and they are willing to work to get what they want.  Their morals quite accurately describe the actions espoused by the conservative sector of our society today:  only those who deserve nice stuff get nice stuff.  If you’re poor it’s because you deserve it.  If you are hungry it’s because you are lazy and undeserving.  And so on.

I am appalled by the Prosperity Gospel espoused in most fundamentalist churches today; the idea that one can worship God and Mammon is thoroughly debunked by Jesus himself and I wonder that more so-called Christians don’t notice the fundamental disconnect between what Jesus *actually* said and what they think he said.  A friend of mine has a quote under her internet signature that fits perfectly:  “The Bible is like a software license – most people click “agree” without ever reading what’s actually written in it.”  It doesn’t help that Christians are taught to focus on one bible verse at a time instead of reading entire chapters to understand the context in which the verse actually resides.  It’s easy to take it out of context that way.

In my experience, many if not most conservatives who identify as either Libertarian or Republican also self identify as Christian.  I live in a red state, having moved here from a red state, so I am extremely familiar with the ideology.  And I truly can’t understand the fascination with Ayn Rand.   A bigger hypocrite never lived, I am sure.  And she was a terrible author to boot.  I have read her books….OMG.  My kids could have written more compelling stuff when they were in elementary school.  Full of logical fallacies and correlation = causation missteps.  Quite profound lack of critical thinking skills displayed, and boringly predictable heroes/heroines.

So I present to you the best dissection of modern Libertarian/Republican/Conservative ideology I have ever read, and one which makes so much sense I think it may actually be so:  A Christmas Speculation

The Archdruid nails it.  Perfectly in every way.  He intended it as satire; however, excepting the Ann Coulter part, I find it to be quite close to the truth as far as actual behavior of said people vs. professed beliefs. I find it sad that my Pagan ethos is much closer to the ethos espoused by Jesus than my self professed Christian born-again neighbors.

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