Meditation on compassion

I developed this over a period of time; it’s based on a Wiccan morning blessing ritual.  I modified it to fit my needs and it has changed remarkably over time.  I no longer even know what the original said to be able to direct you to it.  It is also derived from a Buddhist meditation on compassion.  I combined them in order to remind myself to have compassion for others and myself.

I am not Wiccan, they are based too heavily on Christianity and rely too greatly on Christian concepts of morality regarding things on which I have a rather different view.  I know many may disagree but that is my firm opinion.  My personal spirituality derives more heavily from Buddhism although I don’t believe that the ultimate goal of life is to cease and go to Nirvana.  I personally think the goal of religion – relinking – is to settle oneself more firmly in the world, to find balance and contentment through being of service and providing for both one’s own and community needs.

Anyway.  My daughter in law seems to be struggling so I sent her this.

Blessed be my eyes, that they might see reality.

Blessed be my ears, that they might hear the truth.

Blessed be my lips, that they might speak truth with love and compassion.

Blessed be my arms, that they might be strong for one who needs them.

Blessed be my hands, that are capable of creating many things.

Blessed be my legs, that they may carry me through life.

Blessed be my body which is a temple for my spirit.

Blessed be this day for it gives me possibilities.

May I have compassion for all beings.

May I have compassion for myself.

Blessed be.

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