Duct Tape Politics (ObamaCare)

Duct Tape Politics (ObamaCare)

I have been hospitalized four times in my life:  tonsils and adenoids, two of my three children (my last one was born at home), and tubal ligation.  I’ve been to the ER (for myself, that is) three times:  broken collarbone, when I fell down a flight of stairs (thanks, high heels) and sprained my ankle, and when I had pyelonephritis.  The only bill I had to pay from any of these was $50 for the ER visit for pyelo.  The rest were paid for by insurance, way back when insurance actually paid for those things (or I was a child and my parents paid).  So honestly I don’t have a lot of personal experience with our system from the point of view of the customer.  I do from the point of view of an uninsured person however, so this perspective from someone WITH *good* insurance, is sobering.

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