Welcome to the Jungle!

The jungleEr, my garden, that is…

This is what happens to the weeds, along with the good plants, when it rains for five days straight.  The loofa plant has climbed across the closer bed, even though it’s planted in the farther bed, and has attached itself to the house and has nearly reached the rain gutters.  The San Marzano squash plant is almost as tall as I am and gives me a foot long squash every day.  I am getting 5-6 lbs tomatoes every other day.  I am sick of cucumbers, and if I forget to harvest for even one day, they are 2 feet long and bigger than my calves in diameter!  I chopped ONE and made 12 half pints of relish!  The tomatoes have literally overgrown the entire bed and I have to do a combination yoga/pilates routine to avoid stepping on plants to harvest.  Not very aerobic but I’m drenched in sweat by the time I get done, and it’s a good workout for strength.

The amaranth is going gangbusters, and the entire yard is filled with purslane, and the chickens are in heaven getting the ‘weeds’ over the fence.

The fig tree is producing more than I can keep up with, the indigo is amazing and I will have the best indigo pot EVER this year.

I love gardening.


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