Totally amazed…

Totally amazed by the number of people who I previously had *thought* were simply right wing, conservative people, who watch Fox news too much….

who turn out to be racists in the most literal sense of the word, even going so far as to bemoan the loss of “white culture” in the US.


Call me stupid, ignorant, clueless, but I really don’t think I realized how many people honestly hate those not exactly like themselves and think they are superior to the average person – let alone someone with brown skin.

To me, different = exotic = adventure = probably good, or at least interesting.  Apparently to many people different = bad.  No possibility of anything else.

There are things I don’t like about cultures that I am somewhat familiar with but did not grow up in.  There are also things about my own culture that I absolutely hate, and I grew up in it.  So what?  I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make me an *other* hater.

What is it with so many white, upper middle class, middle aged, moderately educated men (mostly) that they are so threatened by someone not like themselves?

2 responses

  1. Personally, I think it’s that some people are more apt to accept programming. This “issue” having a more militant tone, attracts the men so affected by lack of willpower. They’re not racist, they’re whatever the mainstream media is selling this week. Recently it’s all been divide and conquer.

    The other thing about these types of people is that they’re usually nothing more than a vocal minority. We have a saying in my home language: “Empty cans make the most noise.”

    • I wish that were true. I think, however, that those people who had enough good sense to keep their mouths shut 10 years ago about their racism/sexism have been emboldened in the past few years by the media and the fringe groups to speak their true feelings. I don’t think those things ever went away in a very large number of people in this country it’s just that now they are speaking out.

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