It’s my new year, some resolutions

I had my birthday recently and I made some resolutions.  I never do them on New Year’s Eve, it’s not my new year – my birthday begins a new year for me.

I disabled my account on Facebook.  I joined to follow my children but it just takes too much of my time.  I miss seeing pics of the grandbabies but not enough to sign back up.

I have severely limited my time on the computer unless it is for school work.  This actually interferes with one of my jobs but that’s OK.  I’d rather make less money and have more time.

I still haven’t gotten serious about an exercise program but that’s coming, it’s still pretty hot here in the desert for workouts when you cool only with a swamp cooler and fans.

I already eat pretty well, so that will continue.

I plan to make more time for the crafting business aspect of my crafting business — treating it like a job, making time on a regular basis (even 15 minutes is more than it often gets lately).  I can’t sell things if I don’t make things.  And I really want my husband to get more involved with the photography aspect so that my online photos do my stuff justice.  I try, but it’s just not my thing.  My loom is pretty self explanatory; my spinning wheels are pretty complex but don’t take a 250 page book to understand.  Our camera does.

I am going to do more winter gardening and after my final next week I’m going to get the winter veggies started.  I would like to buy a grow light, but they’re fairly expensive.  I’ve been reliably informed that my regular light bulbs do not give my plants the light wavelengths they need for proper growth.

That’s all.  I can’t get too crazy about the resolutions because now they’re public and I’ll be held accountable to them by those who are closest to me!

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  1. Happy Birthday. You certainly set high standards for yourself!! I know what you mean about pictures of grandchildren and FB. I don’t FB, therefore miss a lot. Sometimes my husband asks me about FB postings, and I have no idea what he is asking. I do receive actual physical photos, framed, as gifts, though., from one daughter in law. And a selection of email photos from another daughter in law, usually for my own New Year and Christmas. And Mother’s Day. Do hope your kids think of a FB compensation for you. Happy Birthday to You!!!

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