Ugh. Nothing like a spring cold.

Just that.  My husband is finally getting over it, some two weeks later, and now I am coming down with it.

Serves me right for not taking echinacea religiously….it’s not like I don’t have tea and pills both in the house, along with vitamin C, zinc, and vitamins.

On other fronts, I am interviewing like mad, three interviews in three days.  And other other fronts, school is going well.  I have a pile of weaving to do end finishing and hem stitching on for the new gallery I will be renting space in.  I actually had to ‘audition’ for it!  I was so glad she liked my stuff!

So far spinach is the only thing that has come up and stayed alive in my planter trays.  Good thing I have more seeds and more trays!  The cold frame will probably get stocked next week.  It’s in the 70’s during the day but still down to the low 30’s at night.

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