Orwell’s universe lives

Prescott wants to be a drone test site

The city council in its ‘wisdom’ voted unanimously for endorsing this government approved spy program:  City Council endorses unmanned drones in spite of citizen concerns

our new privacy invaders

They think this will ‘bring jobs’ to the area.  Are they really that stupid? These drones will be manned at some un-named site in somewhere like Utah, not here.  What jobs will they bring?  They will be manufactured somewhere else as they already are.  Embry-Riddle will not suddenly gain a large number of students and instructors as a result of this program.  So what jobs will they bring?

These will be our new eyes and ears for the government.  As you might think, citizens are less than happy:  Letters to the editor regarding the drone program

I particularly like the comment that states the county will use these to spy on citizens for un-permitted or non-zoned changes to properties.  I think this in fact may be the only reason that it might ‘bring jobs’ because it’s too expensive to fly their plane around looking for code violations/un-permitted changes to private properties — if the drones are doing their work effectively, they can hire at least one, and maybe two new people to process the fines at the plans department.  That’s about the only jobs it will create.  At least initially.

I can’t wait for someone to use the drone for target practice.  And knowing my neighbors/community members, that is not by any means out of the question.  Or, barring that, widespread purchase/implementation of anti-drone technologies like a hoodie that hides your heat signature or Domestic Drone Countermeasures, a company that manufactures software that prevents drones from capturing images.

Stories like this make me wish for a zombie apocalypse.  Because our current slow slide is going to be pretty crappy and dingy for a long time before it gets any better, if indeed it ever does.

Wealth redistribution…

I’ve been following the Cyprus story with keen interest because I believe, as many others do, that it is a test run for the finance/government unholy union worldwide to see if the populace will just roll over and take it.

Ilargi over at The Automatic Earth has two great commentaries:  Bank Run in Cyprus; Who’s Next? and The Cyprus Deal is Already Under Threat (Of Course).  Lars Seier Christensen at The Trading Floor also has an excellent commentary on the Cyprus story:  Is Cyprus Deposit Levy the New Wealth Tax?

Now, I don’t trade stocks or anything, because my grandmother taught me if you don’t have money, you don’t gamble in the hopes that you get money.  But I don’t see any reason I can’t read trading news, and follow along, in order to get an idea of what people who do have money and trade stocks are thinking.  My favorite place to get financial news is Zero Hedge.  If my family were to say anything about my personality, it’s that I’m cynical.  I prefer to say I’m *realistic* but hey, that might just be splitting hairs after all 🙂  since the outcome is the same regardless.  And I’m right much much more than I’m wrong when it comes to cynical outlooks.  Thus Zero Hedge appeals to me; the commentary is cynical, realistic, and mostly dead right.

Quite some time ago, Tyler featured an article that discussed what was probably coming in the future for the middle, and yes upper, classes.  The author (s) predict exactly what is happening in Cyprus only predict it will be world wide:  Involuntary Wealth Redistribution.  If there are no riots in Cyprus, this WILL be coming to another country near you.  Probably many.

I haven’t decided if Grandma’s money-in-the-mattress method or the British bury-it-in-the-ground method appeals to me more; thanks to long range radar and other tools that can ‘see’ what is below the surface, I think the British method has its flaws.  But then, Grandma’s method does as well; paper has its risks and metals have more.  Both leave one vulnerable to thieves.  Ah, but there’s the rub…if the government needs to levy a 30% tax on all of us, it is just one more form of robbery and nothing is safe.

I guess the answer is just to only make enough money to pay your taxes.  Keep the rest in assets that no one (for now) wants — soil, compost, animals, plants, tools.  Yes, this is risky as well, but much less so.   And much more rewarding.

What I’ve been working on in my newly found spare time

Shetland wool, Faroese design

Hand spun Shetland wool, cream and natural brown colors.  Dyed with natural dyes, from top to bottom:  Holly hock, onion skins, annatto, chrysanthemum, henna, holly hock.  And I’m telling ya, I did not see that seafoam green coming from a holly hock dye pot that was burgundy colored!

It’s 84 inches wingspan, 25 inches deep, knitted neck down.  I used pretty much every single yard of each color which is why I chose neck down.  The lace patterns are not centered because I didn’t know how much space each section of color would take up due to the increases and increasing stitch counts every two rows.

I’m just not a very good weaver I guess — I hate sewing.  So I still have a pile of weaving to hem!  Gotta get to it today, because I have to take my stuff to the gallery by Wednesday.  Nothing like a deadline to motivate me…days like this make me wish my grandmother were still alive.  She was a professional seamstress for most of her adult life, and made much of our clothes when we were growing up, including our bathing suits (anybody remember Stretch and Sew patterns?).  She could have finished all this stuff in no time and done probably a much better job than I will do.  Certainly she would have done it with less swearing!

I have had three job offers in the past week, pending background checks and reference checks, of course.  But for the job I really want I’m still waiting on the second interview.  I will accept one, and probably two of these offers, so that I have income while I wait for my preferred job.  I hope I do get an offer from them.

That’s about it.


Ugh. Nothing like a spring cold.

Just that.  My husband is finally getting over it, some two weeks later, and now I am coming down with it.

Serves me right for not taking echinacea religiously….it’s not like I don’t have tea and pills both in the house, along with vitamin C, zinc, and vitamins.

On other fronts, I am interviewing like mad, three interviews in three days.  And other other fronts, school is going well.  I have a pile of weaving to do end finishing and hem stitching on for the new gallery I will be renting space in.  I actually had to ‘audition’ for it!  I was so glad she liked my stuff!

So far spinach is the only thing that has come up and stayed alive in my planter trays.  Good thing I have more seeds and more trays!  The cold frame will probably get stocked next week.  It’s in the 70’s during the day but still down to the low 30’s at night.

OK I’m better now.

Got a little perspective today, well actually over the last few days thanks to some supportive nurse friends and from my family. 

I’m clear on where my priorities are, and where I ultimately want to end up.  Gotta keep my eyes on those things, and remember them when I get stressed and freaked out. 

Onward….hopefully, eventually, upward. 

Dying trade revived 

Dying trade revived

This is amazing! I remember when sewing was part of Home Economics in school – but that was more for home use than production use.  My grandmother was a professional seamstress before she got an education and became a photojournalist.  I used to love her basement — sewing table set up right next to the expensive and hard to find adjustable mannequin – right next to the dark room.  And the library with all its reference books and office with the typewriter. 

I have an antique sewing machine from the late 40’s that belonged to my husband’s grandmother.  It is all cast iron and will sew leather (if I were brave enough to try, that is). It needs another servicing, but I’m pretty sure it will outlive my 3 year old grand daughter.

I would love to find a class like this here in my part of the country!