I agree. 100%. Many years ago I was home in a rural area with my kids, late at night. The only loaded weapon close at hand was our trusty .22 rifle. The would-be intruder was trying to break in the front door (which was never used) and I left the house out the back door with the rifle.  I went around the house to the corner where the intruder was attempting to break into the front door.   I told him to leave or I would shoot him. He did. By the time the sheriffs would have gotten to our home, even if I had called 911immediately, it would have been all over with for me and my children. Police are there to pick up the pieces and pursue justice AFTER the fact, not to protect us before it.

the Common Constitutionalist

Dramatic 911 calls of the moments before and after a mother shot a home intruder while trying to protect  her nine-year-old  twins have been released.

Rather than call police when the man broke into her house, Melinda Herman took the twins – and her husband’s handgun – to the attic and called her husband, who then called police on her behalf.

During the phone call, Donnie Herman can be heard trying to reassure his wife, before telling the dispatcher she was shooting intruder Paul Slater.

He can then be heard screaming at his wife to  ‘shoot him…shoot him again’.

Recordings obtained by The Atlanta  Journal-Constitution of two calls to 911, detailed the terrifying moments of the burglary – one from an anxious, but calm husband and the other from stunned neighbors.

Donnie tells his wife Melinda: ‘Just remember everything that I showed you, everything that I taught you,  alright?  If he opens that door, you shoot him, you understand?’

Though the…

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