OK, now I’m a conspiracy theorist.

I took the body of my comment on the previous post and made it into a post on its own, after finding these YouTube videos.  It seems relevant.

I read a comment on another site that really started me thinking. I normally shy away from conspiracy theories, but this one seems just a little *too* plausible.

It said that Holmes was supplied and set up by our own government. Crazy, you say?? Well, our economy is getting ready to completely collapse. We have a large percentage of our population who own legally registered guns, who are angry, and on the edge of revolution. We have a government who has set up a military unit (National Guard or Army I’m not certain) specifically to ‘deal with’ domestic unrest. And we have gun control/banning laws springing up once again all over the place.

What better reason to reign in the population’s right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment? How better to do it than with a schizophrenic? After all, if he says he was visited by men who told him how to do it, who will believe him? If he says he was visited by aliens who would believe him?

Food for thought. And no, I do not believe for an instant that our government is not fully capable of using one of our citizens as a scapegoat and making others, equally innocent, sacrificial lambs in the cause of protecting their own power structure. The question is whether our soldiers, ultimately, will go along with the arrest, detention, and ultimately the firing upon their own fellow citizens.

Here are two videos that bolster my ‘conspiracy theory’ …

Holder says straight up that “people need to be brainwashed’ into thinking about guns negatively, it’s at about 3:00 but the rest is instructive as well.  Interesting the timing of the shooting, given the whole ‘Fast and Furious’ debacle…we can’t have assault weapons in America because they end up in Mexico and are used to kill US citizens – but they wouldn’t have ended up in Mexico if Holder hadn’t authorized them being GIVEN to Mexican cartels!

Don’t forget that the UN treaty on small arms control is getting ready to be ratified by the US government, either.

Alex Jones breaks down exactly how our government will capitalize on this to take away legally registered guns from Americans:

ETA:  I don’t listen to Alex Jones a lot, just occasionally.  This is one of those times.  If you are of a mind, watch his review of the new Batman movie here:

http://www.infowars.com/leaked-the-dark-knight-rises/         Sorry, can’t get it to hyperlink.

Very, very interesting.  I think Hegel can be very pedantic and sometimes over the top, but I find Jones’ reference to a Hegelian dialect particularly apropos.


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  1. Excellent observations. Hopefully, more people get to see how broad the ‘coincidences’ and downright nonsense is with this particular dilemma & perhaps they can apply critical thinking to it rather than do it to American Idle.

    What say you of the state of the world right now? What’s your biggest concern?

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