And here, for the counter argument to the gun control nuts screaming their heads off right now…

I give you Sam Williams. My hero of the week. Maybe the year.

Had he been in the theater that shooter would never have gotten off so many shots. And as to it being dark and smoky??? Not from the reports I’ve read, at least not initially. Besides, you aim toward the flash from the other gun…

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  1. The right to bear arms is the only hope for Americans that I can see at the moment. You’ve lost everything else that made up an approximation of civilised government; posse comitatus, habeas corpus. Civilisation is continuing out of habit now.

    • It would if only from the perspective that he most definitely was NOT expecting to be fired back at. It would have taken him by surprise which could have allowed someone to take him down. Even full body armor doesn’t protect you from the impact of the slug, either. And full body armor still leaves vulnerable areas – not that I think that someone who wasn’t a crack marksman could have actually hit one of them, but it’s still a possibility. If someone aims for the chest they might still hit the shoulder area – which isn’t protected well due to the need for movement.

  2. I read a comment on another site that really started me thinking. I normally shy away from conspiracy theories, but this one seems just a little *too* plausible.

    It said that Holmes was supplied and set up by our own government. Crazy, you say?? Well, our economy is getting ready to completely collapse. We have a large percentage of our population who own legally registered guns, who are angry, and on the edge of revolution. We have a government who has set up a military unit (National Guard or Army I’m not certain) specifically to ‘deal with’ domestic unrest. And we have gun control/banning laws springing up once again all over the place.

    What better reason to reign in the population’s right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment? How better to do it than with a schizophrenic? After all, if he says he was visited by men who told him how to do it, who will believe him? If he says he was visited by aliens who would believe him?

    Food for thought. And no, I do not believe for an instant that our government is not fully capable of using one of our citizens as a scapegoat and making others, equally innocent, sacrificial lambs in the cause of protecting their own power structure. The question is whether our soldiers, ultimately, will go along with the arrest, detention, and ultimately the firing upon their own fellow citizens.

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