Don’t go to Grand Canyon University if you want an online degree.

Got a collections call from Grand Canyon University yesterday, the people I got my bachelor’s from. Told them I have not one but two letters from people at the school stating the balance is paid in full and a receipt from my employer to prove it.

They are trying to now say that since I took out a student loan to pay for the extra stuff my employer didn’t (maxed out before I reached the end of 2010 school year) that I owe them the money back. Huh? It’s a student loan, not a grant or scholarship, and I owe the federal govt not you.

Wouldn’t you think that if I DID owe them money they would have held onto the degree…?  And since I HAVE the piece of paper that I probably don’t owe anything…?  And since I have an email from one of the VP’s stating I don’t owe anything that I probably don’t…?

I was accepted into the master’s program there but I can see I’ll need to be applying elsewhere, if they still can’t get their $h!t together after nearly six months I know that they’ll just add this UN-owed balance to whatever the new balance will be when I start…I can’t wait for them to take me to collections, because I would love a chance to bring this up in court.

Sadly enough I’m not the only one having this problem – almost everyone where I used to work was having the same trouble. Three people actually got dropped from classes for nonpayment even though our employer had receipts and emails confirming payment!

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