Damned javelina!

They’ve apparently figured out a way to get into the back yard – when I got up this morning to water they have eaten every squash and plant there was.  They devastated my lima bean patch.  They trampled my swiss chard – apparently they don’t like it much.

I’m telling you, electric fence and a silencer for my .22 is in the works…

3 responses

  1. Mr. TF here. I haven’t had a chance to survey the damage yet, but we have no feral pigs or hybrids in this part of Arizona. Javelinas (or peccaries) are rampant here, and we’ve seen herds of them passing through our yard in the past. They will dig up and eat anything in their path, like many of you may experience with deer, elk, or moose. We fenced off our yard to specifically keep them out, as they decimated our cabbage harvest last year. And for Jim, yes, the birds eat our tomatoes also if we leave them on the vine too long – that was especially prevalent this year.

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