Upgrades. Designed to confuse on purpose???

To those of you who are subscribed, I apologize – I posted late last night, it was a post about putting one of my spinning wheels up for sale but after I posted it I realized if I sold it without having a replacement I would not be able to complete any yarn. Since I have to have it until I get all my holiday sales and family gift projects done, I deleted it. Sorry!

Between Facebook’s ‘upgrades’ and the brand new design of WordPress, I waste minutes each time I visit trying to figure out what is where, and why. Do the designers just have a need to change things for change’s sake???

That is all. Just venting and apologizing for being stupid.

New jobs are going well, but I need to cut back hours soon, no time for my business.

Got a wood stove, my contractor is flaking on me so it’s still not installed. It is however in the living room with 99% of the parts. The cat thinks I bought a nice cool bed just for him…he’ll be in for a surprise if we ever get it installed and fired up!

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