I hate my job.

According to my charge nurse, EIGHT new administrative positions have been created in the last 18 months or so. Which trumps my count of FIVE by almost half. At a salary of $250K minimum.

Yet they are pleading poverty. And cutting staff. And making us take classes on ‘customer service’ and pointing to US as though the lowering of patient satisfaction ratings (publicly available) is OUR FAULT.

I have to find another f*ing job. Today made me sorry to be a nurse. Which was made even more poignant by the fact that a patient took the time to outline what I did for her, how much she appreciated it, and told me she was grateful. I don’t think she saw the tears in my eyes.

Since when does a nonprofit hospital have ‘competitors’….?

It’s not the nursing that I regret. It’s the job. Gotta find a new one where I can actually feel like I’m not being treated like a robot where you can just turn up the ‘speed’ button and get more productivity (work) out of it. Yes, you might get more work, but I don’t think any of us can speak for the quality of the job done.

I told one of the other nurses who said I should be grateful I have a job this: “as long as you are fearful for your job, you are the perfect employee, and exactly what they want, a corporate drone. That way you are too fearful for your job to speak up for what is right.”

I am a whore; I work there because I owe them time for paying for my degree, but I am no drone. I also told her, when she said that we really don’t have a choice, that I DO have a choice. I can work anywhere and be overwhelmed and treated like shit, I don’t need to do it here.

It’s just so frustrating, and angering, and sad. I’m a strong person, but I am close to the breaking point.

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  1. I am continually amazed by people who insinuate that we should accept something because everyone else does. What kind of world would we have if everyone did that? Oh, right.

    Let me know if you find that non-drone industry, BTW. I’ve been looking too.

  2. You know, Pstonie, it’s so frustrating, angering, and sad because this place was NEVER like this until about two years ago, and it’s been getting gradually worse. I can trace it to the retirement of the former CEO and the installment of people who are basically fugitives from the administration of another hospital group in the area. I chose to work here because they had a commitment to the employee, knowing absolutely that if they were good to the employees it would transfer to them being good to the patients. That whole ethos has gone away. Now it’s more like Wall Street than community.

    Thanks Chile. Now I understand why 50% of nurses leave the profession.

  3. My mother has finally had it, she has retired. She hates what nursing has become, and what they do to the nurses. It all but drove her crazy. When will the hospitals start realizing without outstanding nurses, the patient does not have an advocate for them in the hospital. Good luck to you!

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