DNR?? Hell no, my religious beliefs don’t permit that!!

ETA:  Mr. TF feels I should explain that a DNR means ‘Do Not Resuscitate’.  I should also point out that hospice care includes comfort care, and is probably one of the most life affirming entities I have ever encountered.

Got news for ya baby. If you think that having a DNR for your loved one (or yourself) is interfering with God’s will, then you should think VERY HARD about this: then you should REFUSE ALL HIGH TECH MEDICAL INTERVENTIONS because THAT TOO interferes with God’s will.

You don’t get to have it both ways, sweet pea. Either you accept that your loved one is mortal, and is going to die, and LET THEM GO WITH DIGNITY after heroic interventions have been done without success, other than mere maintenance of a pulse, OR:   you shouldn’t be able to access VERY EXPENSIVE, TIME AND SKILL CONSUMING interventions that will NOT change the outcome of your family member other than to prolong their agony.

I am so VERY sick of seeing patients who are basically brain dead, who are being bounced from care center to hospital, completely unresponsive and on ventilators, who are so incredibly sick that they are guaranteed to spend days, if not weeks, in ICU, with no improvement in their health or quality of life, only to go back to the care center and start the ping pong all over again.  IF they live through it.  These patients almost without exception have no family within five hours who will come to visit them at all.  It makes me so sad, and so angry, that I literally feel sick to my stomach.  How cruel.  How sad.  How wrong.  Why??

Reality check people: everybody dies. Accept it. Quit making yourself feel better while you put your loved one through what you wouldn’t put a pet dog through so you can feel ‘moral’ about the whole thing.

Rant over.

2 responses

  1. At least put a link to TF’s post so I can read the counter rant as well. How did I get here anyway? Must be brain dead.

    • There’s no counter rant. Unless you want to create one on why people should be allowed to exist — not live — on ventilators when they’re essentially brain dead for all higher functions because the family doesn’t want to face reality. You’re more than welcome to do so. Mr. TF is my spouse, and he is usually the first one to read my posts, and he always critiques them. Sometimes I edit to incorporate his ideas, sometimes I don’t, but in this case I thought he made a very good suggestion.

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