Tsunami of human need and dysfunction.

That about describes my day to day environment at my job.

I have applied for a transfer, to two different places. If you are of a mind to, please light a candle, send energy, or pray that one of these places deems me worthy of employment.

I never thought I would see the day that I would be afraid that I would lose my license because of decisions on staffing made by administration, people who don’t work the line and have no concept of the difficulties a line nurse faces.

The words completely overwhelmed, unbelievably fatigued, and frightened, about accurately describe my feelings.

2 responses

  1. my mother is a nurse, and is leaving the profession. she is going to retire, because of how hard it is being made on them to do their job. Good luck to you. Lisa

  2. See, and that’s really not only sad, but ultimately bad for the profession. We need those really experienced nurses! From a business standpoint when they’re looking at money only, of course they’d like to get rid of all the ‘old’ nurses…then they can hire new ones who make less. But then, they don’t have any experience, and they don’t know what they don’t know, and they miss a lot of stuff. Ultimately the patients suffer.

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