New Loom

This is my newest loom, it’s a 4 harness 36 inch weaving width Schact folding loom.  I got it for an insane price, and couldn’t pass it up.  It *does* need work, but can weave just as it is.  The bags of yarn you see next to the larger loom in the background are my take from the annual silent auction — much of that is cotton chenille and will become new towels and washcloths.  Some is linen and will become napkins and table cloths; I prefer to learn on stuff I get for next to nothing so that I am not paralyzed by the fear of making mistakes.  The rest is wool of various weights; some will work for rugs if I weave them with the plan that they get felted into smaller, tighter packages.  The rest will become scarves, pillow tops, and samplers for various weaving patterns. There are also two large boxes of coffee stuff that belong to the Guild; I hostessed last month and the normal hostess wasn’t there, so I still have it until next meeting.  It’s out because at first it wasn’t really in the way, but with the new loom the amount of space is rather…small and crowded.  It has to go to someone else for this next meeting, even if the normal hostess isn’t there — I work for the next meeting and won’t be there.

The larger loom in the background will go to a new home, if my friend still wants it — I got it for free, basically, so I’m passing it along.  It isn’t what I had hoped, and it needs to go to a new home soon.  I wanted to weave a few rag rugs on it, but I really could use the room, and I can still make braided rag rugs.

My little folding loom, my first one, the gateway drug into the weaving addiction, is staying.  It’s perfect to take to classes and workshops.  And for sampling.

I can’t wait to actually get caught up on outstanding projects and warp my new loom up!


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