No Power

We have no power, no telephone (but cell works) no water. A transformer went last night. DH is grateful for the solar power that is allowing me to make a new blog post; I’m grateful for the kerosene lanterns, the candles, the pressure cooker, the rain barrels (for flushing) and the Berkey filter system for drinking water, as well as for our food storage.

Lesson learned. We definitely still need a wood stove. It’s about 58 in here, and sure to drop lower tonight; we need lanterns with better light than the kerosene lanterns so rechargeable solar lanterns are definitely in our future; we need drinking water storage. And a toilet seat for the bucket that is in the bathroom so that we can just take the urine out to the garden on a daily basis.

All in all, not so bad. We’ll be playing guitar, I’ll be going to bed early (I work tomorrow anyway) and I have a propane camp heater for the bathroom so I can get around in more than 45 degree temps.

Supposedly they’ll have the power back up by tonight; I’m not holding my breath. We’ll be OK if it doesn’t come back right away.

After all, with a failing infrastructure it’s the wave of the future.

2 responses

  1. Glad you’re faring okay. Nothing like a power outage to test your preps! ‘Course I say that sitting here with power, wondering where the flashlight is. We don’t keep it in one place consistently like we did in our last home. Need to remedy that.

  2. Yeah, it was actually pretty OK. I enjoyed not having the TV as a distraction and was glad for the excuse to stay off the computer and away from school work. Mr. TF on the other hand I think was having withdrawal from technology! We both enjoyed playing guitar though.

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