Ugh. I hate technology sometimes.

We have two laptops; one is a gateway that’s nearly ten years old — Mr. Tin Foil bought it for me when I first went back to school. The other is a Vaio, which he bought to take with him to Hawaii when he worked there, as well as going with him all over the Western Hemisphere when he worked for a company that sent him out weekly. It’s about five years old.

Well, in the last probably six months or so, the Gateway (which is the backup laptop) and the Vaio both have been getting QUITE cranky. The poor gateway is just old and slow; the Vaio keeps doing things like refusing to recognize the printer, insisting we have no internet (which we do), refusing to recognize our home network, crashing in the middle of important things, and so on.

Since he uses the desktop now that he doesn’t travel any more, and I use the laptop since I stand up and take it around the house with me frequently, this has been a huge issue — we’re both going to school, both our classes are on line, and we both need to have access to a computer to get our stuff done, often at the same time.

I gave up today when I could no longer download any podcasts, and it took restarting the computer three times to be able to access my online class, which ate up nearly an hour and a half. We broke down and bought a new laptop. I am NOT happy about the price, but I would be much more unhappy not to graduate in May.

I am pretty unhappy about the fact that laptops don’t last very long. I’m told that ours had a long life though, so maybe I just am expecting too much. I was pretty upset when my Ipod started crapping out too, but the people at the store were absolutely incredulous that it’s lasted me eight years. Guess it’s a matter of relativity.

I’m getting a wood stove for sure now, though. I gotta balance this out with a low tech option or it will make me crazy.

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